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Saturday, January 12th 2013

2:43 PM

Creating Trackable Maps, part 1

I've always been underwhelmed by what geocaching.com does with the data for trackables. All you can do is activate, track and map each travel bug individually and view uploaded images. There's so much more fun we could be having! Here I'll be posting some ideas to make some interesting usage of trackables data.

For example, I think it's a shame I can't click once and see a worldwide map of where all 30 of my trackables are at any given time, or which US states currently host my trackables. These would be so easy to generate on the site (perhaps as a premium feature). Could it be that the Groundspeak folks are more interested in selling me the travel bug than in helping me have fun tracking it after it's activated?
If you have the time or inclination, here are some of the types of maps you can make using existing GC tools, with and without using GSAK and Google Fusion Tables. The latter are by far the most fun. Here are the current locations (or last physical locations if a bug is in a cacher's possession) of my trackables:
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