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Tuesday, May 21st 2013

12:08 PM

Map Geek 02: The Iron Horse, of Course

Map Geek 02: The Iron Horse, of Course (OpenCaching version here) is based on some old railroad maps of Nebraska. What strikes me as I look at maps from the late 19th century is how difficult it is, in my mind, to peel back the layers of paved streets and hearken back to a time when rivers and, eventually, railroads were the chief means of long-distance transportation. I read that, in general, towns in the American West tend to be spaced about ten miles apart because that would represent a reasonable day's journey on horseback.

Good information and historic railroad maps were located here and here.
I hid the container (a modified Z-scale boxcar) below the old railroad bridge near the Amtrak station and the historic old downtown Omaha depot buildings, but early cache seekers expressed some reservations about the safety of the area. I relocated the cache near the House of Trains model hobby store 6 miles northwest. I asked the folks in the store if they'd like to host the container on their property, but they never got back to me, so I used the public road right-of-way in front instead.
I was disappointed to move the original in part because it was near the ConAgra/Omaha Police Department Equine Building, a neo-corral where they take care of the police horses, and I wanted to point out its location. Perhaps with another cache in the future.
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