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Tuesday, May 21st 2013

12:30 PM

Map Geek 03: Omaha's Leftward Expansion

Map Geek 03: Omaha's Leftward Expansion (OX version here) has been the most fun so far to do, since the creation of new maps I couldn't find anywhere else was involved. I wanted to show how the city limits of Omaha had changed. I found old maps in the online collection of the Omaha Public Library and combined/overlaid them in GIMP with the current city maps.

I created a static chart about city limits and population density. The fun chart is an interactive one at infogram, but I discovered that both geocaching.com and opencaching.com are unfriendly to embedded iframes, so I didn't use it on the cache pages. Here it is (click in the circles for big fun):
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