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Wednesday, May 22nd 2013

9:05 AM

Map Geek 06: Name That Nebraskan!

Map Geek 06: Name That Nebraskan! (OpenCaching version here) is somewhat similar to Map Geek 05, but it highlights actors, athletes, and one other (con-)man who were born in Nebraska. Many folks renowned for being Nebraskans (Johnny Carson, Warren Buffett, etc.) weren't actually born here. 

I wanted an empty Nebraska map as a base, so this time I created the set of waypoints in GSAK and used GPSVisualizer and its online tools to map the points onto a basic outline map. Then I used GIMP to lay in the photographs.
Here's the basic waypoint map:
Here's the end result map:
Interactive Google Fusion Tables version:

I did the information in a Google Docs spreadsheet and grabbed screenshots.
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