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Friday, May 24th 2013

7:42 PM

Map Geek 09: USA (United Springfields of America)

Map Geek 09: USA (United Springfields of America) (here for OpenCaching version) celebrates the profusion of US towns named Springfield. I constructed some fun interactive maps and timelines with Google Fusion Tables and Preceden, but since they're coded with iframes Geocaching.com and OpenCaching.com strips them out. So I'll post them here.


Make a Timeline at Preceden.com

Feel free to zoom and click. The yellow markers are states with one Springfield, the blue markers none, and the green markers more than one. I wish gc.com and opencaching.com would allow these fun interactive maps on cache pages, but they're too afraid of malicious code. 
Here's the interactive version of the town names chart (I used a static version on the cache page):

I used GIMP to turn a regular Springfield highway sign into a silly one.
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