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Thursday, June 13th 2013

9:30 AM

Map Geek 10: Omaha for Music Lovers

Map Geek 10: Omaha for Music Lovers

geocaching.com version here.
opencaching.com version here.
A couple of years ago I tried writing down all of the memorable live music experiences I had. In the process I discovered websites like songkick, setlist, etc., that seek to document where concert artists played, when, and what they played. For decades cult artists like the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, the E St. Band and Bob Dylan have had obsessive fans sharing setlists and bootlegs.
Using these sites and my own notes I had a pretty good list of great musicians and where they performed in Omaha. Using Google Maps I got lat/long coords of each venue. I listed these in GSAK, exported a .gpx file, and used GPSVisualizer to plot a nice-looking map with OpenStreetMap. I then used GIMP and OpenOffice (especially the "fontwork" utility) to create the rosters around the map and the quiz and answer charts.
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